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Skincare Factory Press Release – Tempe, AZ

Skincare Factory Press Release – Tempe, AZ

Tempe, AZ. – Making its debut this month, Skincare Factory has launched the first of its kind, virtual skincare retail counter space. It is the only site that allows aestheticians to sell a variety of skincare product lines without managing inventory physically. There’s no need to worry now about product expiration dates, retail shelf space or brand loyalty. Recommendations for customers can be made by the professionals, and then a tailored skincare regimen can begin where all the products are easily found in one online location instead of scouring individual brand websites, spas, and specialty shops. This is not a multi-level marketing tactic or scheme. Skincare Factory plans to expand by opening a brick and mortar location this fall in Tempe, Arizona.

For owner, creator and experienced aesthetician, Erin Nesbit, her years in the skincare industry inspired her to combine the concept and opportunity of a flexible work life, while still upholding the integrity of the profession of aesthetics. “After 15 years in the skincare industry I wanted to create a place that provides (2 things) – aestheticians with access to professional skincare products, and the ability to share the experience with customers. I’m also dedicated to evolving professionally and I’ve found a way to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my experience and knowledge of the beauty industry. This allowed me to fulfill my vision of millennial style flexibility while offering all the professional fulfillment.”

Why is Skincare Factory so important to the beauty industry right now? Nesbit explains that it used to be industry policy for professional skincare products to be sold in spas by licensed professionals only. The industry has evolved, and not only are professional grade skincare products now sold online and in retail stores, but they can also be recommended and sold by anyone. It now requires zero prior knowledge of the products and ingredients. “Sending our clients to a retail beauty store to purchase professional skincare products is like a nutritionist sending their client to an all you can eat buffet and expecting them to order the kale salad,” said Nesbit.

Nesbit has bridged the gap so that now aestheticians can unite the value of professional skincare products with the importance of proper home care for customers. She knew what aestheticians were missing and found a way to create the platform they need while upholding the industry’s integrity.

Skincare Factory is an internet-based shop that caters to people looking for quality professional grade skincare products. Just by signing up and creating an account, every customer will be offered special discounts and privileges. Aestheticians and aesthetic students have the additional opportunity to be approved for a professional account. They will have access to professional rates they deserve with the ability to recommend the absolute best products for clients’ skin concerns without the restrictive barriers Nesbit has regularly faced in the industry. “There’s no one size fits all in skincare. Aestheticians want to provide their clients with the best possible product for their skin, not just the best product out of what’s in stock. I wanted to create the space for that to happen,” said Nesbit. Skincare Factory provides everyone with a shop they can trust and a place to have the best skincare experience!

When she’s not working on building Skincare Factory, you can find Nesbit spending time with her husband and three children, or fulfilling her love of education by teaching advanced aesthetic classes. As a lifelong student herself, she satisfies her taste for knowledge with classes like life-coaching, yoga, and of course any aesthetic industry related course that catches her eye keeps her committed to learning more about the skincare industry.

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