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What Defines Professional Skincare?

What Defines Professional Skincare?

The majority of women around the world have one thing in common: they all want to achieve healthy, glowing skin. If you’re one of those, then pay attention to professional skin care products.

There is a science behind the way professional skin care products are manufactured, and a reason that they should be a top choice when selecting makeup or skin care products.

It’s vital for your health–not just beauty–to use professionally manufactured and sold products. But too often, we rush to buy a product without knowing what’s really inside it.

Do you know how to tell the difference between professional skincare and OTC (over the counter) skincare products? Here are a few tips to help your daily beauty routine, and to guide the buying choices you make on a regular basis.


There are so many skin care products on the market, and you can be tempted to buy something because a celebrity or famous Instagrammer is promoting it. But how can you tell if a product is the best quality out there?

A lot depends on the ingredients.

When doing your research here are a few questions to ask your aesthetician:

  1. How are they tested
  2. Technology and mechanisms and mechanisms used
  3. Strength or quality of the ingredients

You can also find this out by looking at the ingredients list on each product label. (A definite red light warning signal is if the product has no label!)


Another way to judge a product is by asking a licensed skin professional, also called an aesthetician. These folks have dedicated their entire life’s work to studying and researching the safest, healthiest skin products.

They’ve seen it all, and they know what they’re talking about. It is their job to find the perfect treatment for clients, based on the nature of a person’s skin, their family history, their health, and their environment.


Here is a list of things to look out for and questions to ask when buying a professional grade skin care product:

  • Is there a high quantity and percentage of active and/or performance ingredients?
  • What differentiates active, performance, and functional ingredients?
  • Does the product act as a drug, cosmetic, or both? What’s the difference?
  • Is it made in small batches for optimal freshness and instant results?
  • Does the product have an expiration date or any detailed instructions for use?
  • Is the product recommended by an aesthetician that caters to my specific skin type and concerns?
  • Does it have zero synthetic colors, dyes or fragrances?
  • Are you purchasing from an authorized seller to ensure quality?
  • Are their proven results and testimonials to be found?
  • Does the sunscreen content have proven SPF ratings?


Once you know how to identify professional grade products, you will save costs in the long run. They will have a better effect on your skin health, so you end up avoiding unnecessary trips to your aesthetician or dermatologist to fix a “problem”.

If, on the other hand, you purchased an over the counter product and it harmed your skin rather than heal it, you’ll end up spending a lot more to fix your skin and revive it.

Remember: Professional grade products should only be sold or recommended by licensed professionals. You won’t do yourself any good by finding them on just any beauty website or pharmacy.

So, when choosing skin care products and to create the perfect at home regimen ask a professional. They can recommend the best products based on your needs and skin type.

On Skincare Factory, you’ll find a wide selection of top quality skin products. They are guaranteed only professional care skincare supplies and facial products. Contact us for more information, or have a look around our wide selection of curated cosmetics, skin care supplies, and facial products.

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